Need to Remove Ants From Your Property?

Need to Remove Ants From Your Property?

We handle ant control in Rancho Cucamonga, Bishop & San Bernardino, CA and the Eastern Sierra area

Getting rid of ants can be hard. You never know which store-bought products will work or which ant removal technique is best. Fortunately, you can turn to Big Pine Pest Control for ant control services in the Rancho Cucamonga, Bishop, San Bernardino, CA and Eastern Sierra areas.

Our ant extermination method works the first time by eliminating your entire ant colony. Contact us right away for dependable ant control services.

3 ways our ant control method works

Colony ants hide in their nests, only venturing out for food. Their search for food is our opportunity to get rid of them. We'll place gel bait containing an ant extermination treatment around your property so that:

  1. Ants searching for food will find the bait
  2. They'll take it to their nests to share
  3. The treatment in the bait will exterminate their colony

Before you know it, your ant infestation will be a problem of the past. Call 909-484-4985 right away for a free estimate.